ABEO and VOGO sign partnership agreement   (21/01/2019 18:00)

ABEO (ISIN code: FR0013185857 – Ticker: ABEO) and VOGO (ISIN code: FR0011532225 - Ticker: ALVGO) are combining their expertise to deliver a new service offering for ABEO's clients (sports centres, leisure centres, gymnasiums, rock climbing centres, schools, etc.). The new solution, which is to undergo commercial validation in the first half of 2019, could ultimately pave the way to an international distribution agreement.

ABEO and VOGO have committed to developing a tailored offering of service specifically for ABEO's clients by combining their know-how. The service will be based on the VOGO SPORT solution, to which will be added a range of equipment (cameras, Wi-Fi access points, etc.). This will enable the roll-out of a turnkey solution for the live broadcasting of audiovisual content. The new technological solution is aimed at rounding out ABEO's offer of products and services for a diverse range of professional clients.

Under the partnership agreement, VOGO has committed to providing both the technological solution and training for the ABEO teams in charge of marketing and sales, installation and level 1 technical support.

ABEO will be asking a panel of its clients if they wish to install and test the new solution during the first half of this year, with a view to validating its concrete and mutual benefits. At the end of this period, the partnership could give rise to an international distribution agreement covering ABEO's markets.

Find out more at www.abeo-bourse.com
For more information: www.vogosport.com


ABEO is a major player in the sports and leisure (“sportainment”) market. The Group posted revenue of €187.9 million for the year ended 31 March 2018, 71% of which was generated outside France. At year-end it had 1,600 employees.
ABEO is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of sports and leisure equipment. It also provides assistance in implementing projects to professional customers in the following sectors: specialised sports halls and clubs, leisure centres, education, local authorities, construction professionals, etc.
ABEO has a unique global offering, and operates in a wide variety of market segments, including gymnastics apparatus and landing mats, team sports equipment, physical education, climbing walls, leisure equipment and changing room fittings. The Group has a portfolio of strong brands which partner sports federations and are featured at major sporting events, including the Olympic Games.
ABEO (ISIN code: FR0013185857, ABEO) is listed on Euronext Paris – Compartment B.



Founded in 2013, VOGO develops, markets and distributes a solution for broadcasting live audiovisual content based on streamed video processing technology protected by four patents. Its disruptive technology, the performance of which is unrelated to the number of people connecting to it, aims to improve spectator experience by providing on-demand, multi-camera content, either live or on replay, along with analytical audio and video tools for professional usage. Since its inception, VOGO has already covered over 700 events in more than 20 athletic disciplines on 4 continents.

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